Lady Sol® North

Solar street lights designed for use in mild climate.


Solar street light lamp Lady Sol® North is designed specifically for temperate zones in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. It accumulates sun energy during the summer months  and when the sun’s rays are missing simply uses the supplies.

Lady Sol® North lamps illuminates your path every night even in the winter period without any need for battery recharge.


Lady Sol® North presents easy maintenance and absolute reliability also in most critical winter season.

This excellent light performance was reached thanks to a compact and very sophisticated lamp construction and due to very effective but economic LED lighting system.

The covered area is adjustable based on specific needs from 300 to 600 square meters. The lamp construction allows to light up only the area that is really needed. Usually it is only a narrow part of the street or sidewalk used by pedestrians. However, it is possible to create various lighting diagrams to meet the specific customer needs such as to give light to crossroads or cross-walks or similar.


• Used material is hot-dip galvanized steel or stainless steel accompanied by high quality laminated parts.
• The light works perfectly from the extreme temperature of -40 °C up to +60 °C.
• In winter months it provides reliable full performance lighting for up to 10 hours and with more sunny days the run time extends to 12 hours.



→ Product Data Sheet Lady Sol® North download

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Benefits of Lady Sol® North

The solar lighting is independent of electric power distribution network. Solar lights do not require wiring or other complicated installation tasks. It is not necessary to perform any excavation work and there is no need to worry about construction permit or right of way problems. For Lady Sol® North solar lamps installation you only drill a hole in the ground, set in a concrete anchor tube and insert the body of solar lamp, you just follow the building instructions.


Functions of Lady Sol® North

The lamp works every night without break, even during the winter period, when the sun’s rays are missing. Operates 10 hours every night at full capacity. It turns on lights at dusk and off at dawn automatically, but you can also adapt the interval.



Lamp type

With regard to the climate where the lamps are intended to function and with respect to the shape of the surface that needs to be illuminated, we can give you advice for the best choice.

Lady Sol® type 5 meets the needs of linear street lighting. Its advantage is that it illuminates 60 meters long section. As a result, significantly smaller number of lamps is sufficient to illuminate the selected location.

Lady Sol® type fReE design follows the wishes and needs of individual client. It illuminates an area ​​up to 600 square meters of almost any shape.



Lady Sol® North can be delivered in variety of colours, tailored to fit customer needs.



All electrical parts CE certificate; to all parts of the steel constructions certificate TÜV SÜD.



Energy wherever you need it.
Lady Sol®



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