Lady Sol® micro 20


Portable power solar system for trekking and expedition designed for use in mild climate.


Are you going to hike or spend your time in the countryside? Do you need electricity when exploring the world? Do you need to charge your mobile phone or camera on your trips? Or maybe you just need to keep well lit some areas at night or to listen to radio or freely use your notebook.

Don’t use your car battery and don’t bother with any heavy generators. Use the sun!


You are used to recharge your body and mind in the nature. So why don’t you use the energy given by the nature also for the equipment you are usually used to take with you. It is not possible to forecast where your trip ends and you never know whether there will be an instant possibility to use an electricity plug. Stop being tied to the standard electricity access. Free yourself!

If there is enough sunlight, we have a great solution for you. It’s Lady Sol® micro 20.

It is a small and compact power station with an integrated battery 12V DC / 60 W / 130 Wh / IP 20 that has a solar panel on the back side. It can be ideally used for:

  • LED lighting
  • cell phones
  • small radio or television
  • 60 W notebooks
  • for charging of small external batteries up to 45 Ah / 12 V DC


Lady Sol® micro 20 is the perfect solution for hiking and camping not only in Europe but wherever in the world where there is mild climate. All equipment, such as car vacuums, fans or freezers and other, that you are used to charge in your car, it is also possible to connect with Lady Sol® micro 20.

Lady Sol® micro 20 has its own integrated LED lighting with its own switch button and capacity for hours of operation.

Lady Sol® micro 20 is available alone or as a useful kit together with Lady Sol® micro Power Set that gives you even more comfort on your trips.


Lady Sol® micro 20 can be delivered in variet of colours, tailored to fit customer needs.



→ Product Data Sheet Lady Sol® micro 20 download

→ Technical Data Sheet Lady Sol® micro 20 download



The benefits of  Lady Sol® Power Devices

  • You get the energy without the incredible roar of engines and the flue gas and fuel smell.
  • Solar source is constructed and designed for maximum efficiency in a given climate.
  • It can be tailor-made to fit your specific wants and needs.
  • It works anytime and anywhere - in the extreme conditions of heat and frost.
  • No matter where you go, using Lady Sol ® Solar Power Devices you always stay environmentally friendly, connected to renewable energy source and do not engage in pollution of the environment.


 Energy wherever you need it
Lady Sol®




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