Lady Sol® LED


Outdoor LED lamps.


This is an economical and up-to-date solution for everybody who wants to keep the electrical bills low.

This high quality LED lighting provides the best choice for already existing street lighting solutions of residential areas, parks or similar.

This lamp can give light to a double area comparing to current standard power lighting. Using this solution means to switch off the neighbouring light as Lady Sol® LED will safely cover it. The savings represent up to 80% of power input.

The LED technology allows to light only the area that really needs it. Thanks to this solution, the excessive lighting and light pollution is reduced to minimum. Adjusting the LED components in a specific angle, will provide the light to the selected area only.

By the same easy step, it is possible to adjust the lighting intensity or the length of the covered area from few metres up to 60 metres or more.


• The lighting itself is provided by a number of high-performance LED components, that are modified by optics of top quality and resistance.

• It illuminates an area of up to 600 square meter, therefore a smaller number of lamps is sufficient for selected locations than usual.

• By simply turning the LED elements, the lamp illuminates only the desired area.


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Lamp type

With regard to the climate where the lamps are intended to function and with respect to the shape of the surface that needs to be illuminated, we can give you advice for the best choice.

Lady Sol® type 5 meets the needs of linear street lighting. Its advantage is that it illuminates 60 meters long section. As a result, significantly smaller number of lamps is sufficient to illuminate the selected location.

Lady Sol® type fReE design follows the wishes and needs of individual client. It illuminates an area ​​up to 600 square meters of almost any shape.



Lady Sol® LED can be delivered in variety of colours, tailored to fit customer needs.



All electrical parts CE certificate; to all parts of the steel constructions certificate TÜV SÜD.



Energy wherever you need it.
Lady Sol®



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