The benefits of  Lady Sol® Products


The benefits of Lady Sol® Solar Lamps

  • We provide long-term technical expertise for leading organizations.
  • Excellent ratio of price – power – benefits.
  • Temperature and weather resistance.
  • Systems are adjustable to the operation, environment and customer demands.
  • All components are certified.
  • Long warranty period for products and components.
  • Consultancy on direct subsidies and other fundings.



The benefits of Lady Sol® Solar Power Devices

  • You get the energy without the incredible roar of engines and the flue gas and fuel smell.
  • Solar source is constructed and designed for maximum efficiency in a given climate.
  • It can be tailor-made to fit your specific wants and needs.
  • It works anytime and anywhere – in the extreme conditions of heat and frost.
  • Your mobile phone, iPod, laptop, PDA, camera, navigation, camping lamps and other handy things are never “out of juice”.
  • No matter where you go, using Lady Sol ® Solar Power Devices you always stay environmentally friendly, connected to renewable energy source and do not engage in pollution of the environment.


 Energy wherever you need it
Lady Sol®



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